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Services Limited has considerable experience of working with Senior Management to design, develop and implement successful Six Sigma programmes. In our process, we believe that it all starts with Senior Management and that their understanding of the concepts and requirements of Six Sigma and of their own roles are crucial if Six Sigma programs are to be successful.

Our physical face to face training services have been suspended due to the Coronavirus epidemic. We are currently offering online courses in Lean & Six Sigma and LIVE Online Training here.

A key aspect here is the need to customise such introduction to meet the specific company and site history and circumstances and the nature of the Six Sigma programme being introduced. For this reason, Services Ltd. has developed a flexible tailored approach to Management Awareness and Champion training. Typically, this will incorporate an initial site visit to scope the requirement, followed by a one to two-day senior management awareness session run on or off-site.

Our Six Sigma (6 Sigma) Courses and Programmes are now built to prepare you for eventual ISO 18404:2015 certification, a new Auditable, Competency-Driven and International-Recognised standard for Lean Six Sigma Certification.

Considering ISO 18404:2015, there are three certifiable levels of Six Sigma these are Six Sigma Green Belt, Six Sigma Black Belt and Six Sigma Master Black Belt. Other levels of Six Sigma such as Yellow Belt, White Belt and Grey Belts, are not certifiable under the standard. However, you will receive a Services Limited certificate stating that you have completed the course. If you wish to learn more about what we offer in terms to ISO 18404 please 

Professor Tony Bendell and his colleagues at Services Ltd. have been designing, developing and delivering training and mentoring support, and providing direct implementation assistance for Six Sigma & Lean Six Sigma programmes for many years.We are also able to offer public courses for Yellow Belt Training and Green Belt Training through our partners, Bywater, at a variety of locations including Northamptonshire and Coventry.

Whilst we offer public courses, we also encourage outside organisations to contact us regarding their Lean Six Sigma requirements. Services Limited has an extensive track record in building a programme bespoke to your requirements. If you have any questions regarding our Six Sigma Services, please do

You can find out more about our Six Sigma courses in this PDF document.

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