Apart from the Master Black Belts (top level company experts for which Services Ltd. runs special development programmes) the top level Six Sigma practitioners are Black Belts; these receive 20- days training and typically work full-time on improvement. The course comprises four modules and includes training on the full range of Six Sigma tools including the Six Sigma DMAICT project approach and Advanced Creative and Analytical Thinking methods. Delegates are encouraged to bring their own laptops to these courses to maximise learning. MINITAB & Excel software is used during the course. Again, the programme is project based, incorporating a project to be undertaken between the training blocks

Our Approach

Services Ltd. has developed a unique approach to Six Sigma implementation based on a “whole-brain” approach rather than the typical primarily “left-brain” one used on many traditional programmes. This reflects our belief that Black and Green Belts and managers need specific training and mentoring to develop the creative skills necessary for their roles, in addition to the essential statistical and computing expertise. Our programmes also focus on the overall maximisation of Profit and Customer Satisfaction.

Our Aim

Produces an experienced practitioner of engineering or process improvement who has completed a minimum training programme of 20 days, and successfully conducted a substantive company-based improvement project which produces quantifiable financial benefits. A Services Six Sigma™ Black Belt is a self-contained leader of project-based improvement who is expected to major in Six Sigma activities. Our aim is to train new Black Belts with the necessary knowledge and skills to: - Report to Master Black Belt or local Six Sigma leader - Complete Black Belt training and achieve Black Belt Certification - Lead 3-4 Six Sigma projects per year each delivering a significant bottom line improvement - Lead, train and mentor Green Belts in the use of Six Sigma Tools and Techniques - Facilitate the selection of Green Belt projects - Support Six Sigma training activities as required - Carry out other duties and tasks as requested by the Master Black Belt or Six Sigma leader

Course Fees

One delegate: £4,950 + VAT Two delegates or more: £4,350 + VAT Reduced rates are available for delegates attending the same programme

Venue Details

Public courses are held at Sherwood House, Southwell, Nottinghamshire, NG25 0JH All courses are available in-house by arrangement

Six Sigma Black Belt Indicative Programme

Module One - Introduction to Six Sigma and Quality Essentials - Analytical, Synthetic and Creative Thinking - Project Management - Introduction to Statistics Module Two - Statistics Measurement System Analysis (MSA) - Process Improvement Charting (PIC) - Root Cause Analysis Module Three - Analytical, Synthetic and Creative Thinking - Project Reviews and Support - Design of Experiments (DOE) - Taguchi Methodology Module Four - Poka Yoke Mistake Proofing - Process and Design FMEA - Review of Roadmap of Tools and Techniques - Advanced Design of Experiments (DOE) Module Five - Leadership Skills - Quality Function Deployment (QFD) - Analytical, Synthetic and Creative Thinking (ASCT III) - Project Reviews

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