Apart from the Master Black Belts (top level company experts for which Services Ltd. runs special development programmes) the top level Six Sigma practitioners are Black Belts; these receive 20- days training and typically work full-time on improvement. The course comprises four modules and includes training on the full range of Six Sigma tools including the Six Sigma DMAICT project approach and Advanced Creative and Analytical Thinking methods. Delegates are encouraged to bring their own laptops to these courses to maximise learning. MINITAB & Excel software is used during the course. Again, the programme is project based, incorporating a project to be undertaken between the training blocks

When my child graduates will he/she be able to study anywhere?

Students planning on studying abroad will take the SAT Prep class to be able to take the SAT Exams to be able to study abroad.

School Accreditation

Unity Concord International School would like to inform you that the recent Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) team that came to the school was invited for a pre-initial visit of the school in order to provide some coaching and recommendations so that the school can prepare for the future quality assessment of Education. The pre-initial visit from WASC that took place was not an assessment or test to the quality of the school. The visit will not affect the graduation of our High-School students. Unity Concord International School has been properly established by the Ministry of Education. We have obtained a valid school license that allows us to teach using an American Curriculum. Therefore, the school is able to issue a High School Diploma which allows our students to study at Universities within Thailand and abroad. The school offers a support Team, Teachers, and a Guidance Counselor who is available for them to speak with regarding their future education in University. Regarding the certificates of quality education from outside agencies, the Government Ministry of Education Announcement, “The guidelines for determining the educational standards of International Schools” Category 4, dated on February 22, 2019 clearly states, that once a school has been established for 1 year the school is already a member. After this time, the school is allowed to receive an assessment of the quality of education within 5 years of the date that the school became a member. Therefore, Unity Concord International School has 4 years to have the organization assess the quality of Education, and we are currently in the process of this. As a result, the school can confirm that we can issue High-School Diplomas to students that complete their studies thoroughly. WASC is a separate organization from the Government Ministry of Education. Unity Concord International School is working with the US WASC organization to obtain US Accreditation, this is an additional certification of the school’s instructional program. Unity is a member of the International Schools Association of Thailand (ISAT). If you need further clarification, please call 088-251-3459 or 081707-4790 to set up an appointment with our school Management Team.

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