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To survive in today’s challenging times, we must all be more frugal with resources, less wasteful and more careful. Waste in organisations takes many forms - wasted resources, unnecessary processing or work, unnecessary movement, excessive stock holding. Overall, most organisations waste more time and to some extent money than they effectively utilise.

So, what can we do? To survive we will need to change and we will need help. Services Ltd is led by Prof Tony Bendell, an international expert in the field of Lean Operations. Formerly Director of the Centre of Quality Excellence at the University of Leicester Prof Bendell has more than 30 years’ experience of service quality and performance improvement in 5 continents. Together with his team at Services Ltd., Tony has developed a series of purpose- designed programmes focusing on the effective practical lean methodology for waste identification and removal in organisations of all types.

Our physical face to face training services have been suspended due to the Coronavirus epidemic. We are currently offering online courses in Lean & Six Sigma and LIVE Online Training here.


The key programmes for lean methodology are the Master Lean Belt/Lean Practitioner, Lean Leader and Lean Expert programmes which are designed to meet the certification requirements in ISO 18404:2015. These, through taught material and project work, develop experienced practitioners and champions of Lean operations. Services Ltd also offer an audit and consultancy service for information please  


Lean training also relates well to training issued in ISO 18404:2015, to see what Serices Ltd offers in terms of ISO 18404:2015 please

Please use the grid below and click to view your area of interest. and if you have any questions please 

To learn more about our Lean courses, please see our PDF document here.

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