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What is the potential for waste reduction and Lean Transformation in your organisation? What needs to be done to properly identify, measure and capture waste? What is the scale of the potential saving, what will transformation require in terms of resource, money and time? What skills training and behaviours will be required, who should be developed and how should the transformation be structured and managed? What barriers and risks are involved and how should these be managed?

Services Ltd. offers a Lean Audit Service to help organisations define, scope and plan the potential for Lean Transformation and the activities required. As with the stocktake, typically, this also includes a gap analysis against the organisational certification requirements under the new international auditable standard ISO18404. The Audit is available on a packaged basis against a mutually agreed scope. Alternatively, we offer a full consultancy service to support your Lean Transformation process. This covers everything from developing deployment strategy to very specific identification of waste and waste removal in process areas.

Professor Bendell and colleagues will be happy to discuss in more detail our in-house support services.

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