Services Ltd is focused on improving our client’s performance and leadership skills. We help managers to think-through their organisations and identify the critical drivers for success and effective leadership. We then work with them to develop a leadership programme and strategies for improving their personal impact in these areas. 

Senior Management Coaching

Senior Management Development is typically the most expensive part of Managerial and Organisational Development, but also in many senses the most crucial. Senior Management is a high value and high cost resource that the organisation needs to be fully developed and utilised to its full potential. Executive Coaching is a practical and realistic means of supporting and further developing key senior staff, through a sequence of personal confidential coaching sessions. These typically focus around the senior managers current successes and challenges and work towards developing new learning, behaviours, work styles or approaches through focus on a realistic 120 day goal. The package of six 2-3 hour confidential sessions between the senior manager and the coach normally commences with a one-hour orientation session, involving the senior manager’s line manager as well as the senior manager and the coach. Typical cost of this package is £3200 plus coaches’ travel expenses and VAT. Where appropriate a 360° profiling tool can be incorporated as part of this package at an additional cost of £470 plus VAT.

Coaching for Change

Change is the biggest challenge facing all of us. For a management team the challenge is a mixture of collectively planning and deploying strategy and individually facing the implications within their own functions or responsibilities. Unfortunately, often these 2 aspects are badly aligned or not balanced so that change is haphazard, scary for the people involved, wasteful of resources and potentially damaging not in the end point but in the path. Our integrated approach to Coaching for Change incorporates Business Team Facilitation to plan change and commence, monitor and eventually close the change programme together with individual Senior Management Coaching on Change requirements and deployment. For a small management team, Coaching for Change support packages typically start from £6,000 plus VAT.

Business Team Facilitation

Many new and existing Business Teams do not yet work together as effectively as they are capable of. This can be a major disadvantage for the business and in particular, may be potentially limiting growth. There are many possible reasons why this may be the case. Typically our role is to work with Senior Management to identify the underlying challenges and priorities and to then facilitate the whole business team. This typically may involve both Team Building and Leadership raising activity and facilitation of focused Business Planning, Management and Review, Change Management and/or Improvement.

Are You Feeling Stressed?

The topic of stress has worked its way up the corporate agenda in recent years. Yet, positive workplace pressure can be what motivates and enthuses individuals and teams. Balance is essential. If you are concerned about potential issues of workplace pressures in your organisation, we can help with Stress Audits and Stress Management training and consultancy. STRESS MANAGEMENT· Stress Audits· Stress Management training & consulting

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MANAGEMENT TRAINING· Appraisal and Interview Skills· Problem Solving, Decision Making & Creativity· Communications, Presentations & Media Skills· Influencing Skills and Neuro-Linguistic Programming

MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT· Leadership and Change Management· Development Centres· Management Competencies

BUSINESS TEAM FACILITATION· Team Building· Focused Business Planning, Change Management and Improvement Facilitation· Conference Organisation

COACHING FOR CHANGE· Helping the Management, Team understand, plan and lead change· An integrated package incorporating Business Team Facilitation and individual Senior Manager Coaching on Change· Strengths – based approach and trans theoretical change model