The need for taking unnecessary Waste out of public services has never been greater. We can no longer ignore the longer-term environmental impact associated with the Carbon Footprint of the Waste in our public services.

As well as our private sector and voluntary sector work, Services Ltd work extensively with UK and international public sector organisations. Since our foundation in 1983 we have been involved in numerous public sector improvement initiatives. Our consultants understand the culture and language of the public sector and the major initiatives during public sector change and improvement in the UK and abroad. We offer a complete support service for public sector organisations wanting to improve and provide better service to the public. Our range of support covers all aspects of the transition process, covering Self-Assessment, process improvement, proceduralisation, implementation of ISO 9001:2008 and updating Quality Management Systems for the recent changes, stakeholder analysis, customer focus and employee surveys, Benchmarking, the EFQM Excellence Model, training needs analysis, senior management development and mentoring, ISO 14001, Six Sigma and Lean.

Lean Public Services

At the current time the need for taking unnecessary Waste out of public services has never been greater. Whilst we are facing falling public sector revenues due to the recession, we are simultaneously facing increasing demand for services. Furthermore, we can no longer ignore the longer-term environmental impact associated with the Carbon Footprint of the Waste in our public services. This is, however, an area where ‘the buyer must beware’. The Lean approach has fast become a bandwagon with numerous consultancies and training organisations wanting to jump on board. Many of these do not have the expertise or track record in the field, and many do not understand the public sector. There are also those who wish to over complicate or obscure the simplicity and transparency of the approach for commercial gain.

Lean Transformation Executive Overview: 1-Day

The Executive Overview covers: - Lean thinking in the context of business strategy, operations and customer relationship management
- What Lean can and cannot deliver
- Case Studies
- Management Role
- Deploying Lean Transformation Programmes
- Background to Lean Methodology
- What are the possibilities and how can they be achieved effectively
- Introduction to Lean approaches and methods Course fees One delegate: £265 + VAT Two plus delegates on same course: £238.50 + VAT per delegate Venue All public courses are held at Charnwood House, Nottingham. NG14 7DZ All our courses are available at client's premises by arrangement

Getting Started With Lean: 3-Day

Is it right for me? Suitable for individuals who are:
- In organisations considering applying the Lean Enterprise approach
- Responsible to support/monitor the success of Lean improvement or business improvement projects of all types
- In organisations pursuing the approach, but who have no knowledge of the theory or practice What will I learn?
By the end of the course you will be able to:
- Understand the nature and practical implementation of the Lean Enterprise approach and toolkit
- Appreciate corporate Lean Enterprise application, roles and responsibilities
- Know how to monitor and champion Lean improvement projects
- Undertake personally simple Lean improvement What will it cover?
- The Lean Enterprise Approach
- Why do it?
- Understanding advantages and constraints
- Understanding possible objections Managing Lean Implementation
- Implementation needs
- Relationship to Quality Management and Six Sigma
- The requirements of Lean Projects
- Roles and responsibilities The Lean Approach and Toolkit
- Value Mapping
- The 7 Common Wastes
- 5S’s and Visual Management
- Process Measurement
- Process Design/Specification process and process risk assessment The Manager Role in Supporting Change
- Managing expectations of the programme
- Convincing others
- Facilitating and supporting the change agents Getting Underway
- Building positive relationships
- Clarifying knowledge gaps
- Planning the process Course fees One delegate: £650 + VAT 10% discount of 2+ delegates Venues Nottingham Venue: Charnwood House, Lowdham, Nottingham, NG14 7DZ. All courses are available in-house by arrangement

Certified Master Lean Belt Programme: 10-Day

Module One Day One - Introduction to Lean - 5 Basic Principles - Managing the Process Change - Simulation Exercise Day Two - Tools and Techniques of Lean - Value Mapping and Analysis of Process Waste (including 7 Wastes) - Ergonomics and the organisation of the Workplace (5S’) - Project Reviews Day Three - Constraints of Process - Flow - Business Risk Assessment and Management Module 2 Day Four - Customer Requirements - Identification of Bottle Necks and Prohibitors to Process Flow - Introduction to Theory of Constraints Day Five - Visual Controls - Process Measurement - Management Day Six - Cultural Change and Dealing with Resistance - Project Reviews Module 3 Day Seven - Burning in the Gains - Tools and Techniques to sustain the improvements - Organisational Development Day Eight - Leadership and Role Model Behaviours for Master Lean Belts Day Nine - Relationships to Six Sigma - Quality Management Systems Models and - Supply Chain Development Models - Cloud Infrastructure - Antifragility - Project Review Review Day Day Ten - Review - Presentation and Assessment of Projects Course Fees One delegate: £2,600 + VAT Two delegates: £2,350 + VAT Three or more delegates: £2,100 + VAT Venue Details All public courses are held at Charnwood House, Lowdham, Nottingham, NG14 7DZ All courses are available in-house by arrangement