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Services Limited Privacy Policy

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced in the United Kingdom on the 25th May 2018 and we have reviewed our current Privacy Policy to ensure that we are fully compliant with GDPR 2018. As per the regulation, we will now inform you of our updated Privacy Policy.

We collect and retain your information for the purpose of email marketing. Your data was collected by the Services Limited team as we believe you would be interested in the services we offer and potential events which we may host. Alongside this, you may have provided the Services Limited team with your information if you attended any of our courses and/or events.

At Services Limited, we have a commitment to be responsible with your information and stop at no lengths to ensure its safety. As such, we will never sell or unduly compromise your information.

What we need & Why we need it

Services Limited have collected your information for the purposes of our email marketing campaigns which we believe you may be interested in. We only collect and retain basic personal data which does not include any special types of information which could identify your location.

We only collect your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Organisation and Telephone Number. It is your decision whether you provide us with your telephone number and the organisation in which that you are employed.

How we store your information

Services Limited ensure that your information is processed with the highest level of care and attention by our team located in the United Kingdom. We store your data in an encrypted manor using a storage system based in the United States of America.

As per the GDPR, any system which holds your information in the United States of America must be certified by the EU-US Privacy Shield we can confirm that all systems that we use in the United States of America are certified under the aforementioned Privacy Shield.

Opt-in / Opt-out

We assume that, since you have been on our mailing list for a considerable time, you are happy to remain on the mailing list. However, if your mind is changed and you no longer wish to receive our communications, you may click the link at the bottom of said communication to unsubscribe. However, you may also request a removal by emailing

Thanks! Message sent.

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