Champions are crucial to the success of Six Sigma programmes and need detailed understanding of the approach, implementation and their own – and Black and Green Belts roles. This two-day programme provides both the detail of the Six Sigma approach and role requirements, and allows Champions to question key areas of concern.

What's included?

What are we trying to achieve?; What is Six Sigma?; Ideas of Variation, Measurement and Processes; Where is our company now?; Simple and more advanced Six Sigma Tools; Process Case Study Simulation Exercise; Six Sigma Infrastructure and Culture Change; Planning implementation for the next two years.

Whats included for day one?

- What are we trying to Achieve-defining objectives - What is Six Sigma? - Application - Variation, Processes and Simple Six Sigma Tools - Where are you now?

Whats included for day two?

- The more advanced Six Sigma tools - Process Case Study simulation exercise - Choices in experimental design - Six Sigma infrastructure and cultural change - What do we need to do to implement? - Training and Project selection

Course Fees

One delegate: £485 + VAT Two delegates: £440 + VAT/delegate (attending on the same course) Three delegates: £400 + VAT/delegate (attending on the same course)

Venue Details

Public courses are held at Sherwood House, Southwell, Nottinghamshire, NG25 0JH All our courses are available on the client's premises by arrangement