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Master Black Belt Qualification

Our Master Black Belt Development Programme has been built on Prof. Bendell’s extensive international knowledge of the field, and designed for compatibility with, and to meet the requirements of, the competency requirements in ISO18404:2015. It consists of an initial seminar/workshop and assessment centre; candidate’s application, skill and portfolio development within their own organisation; tutor assessment and coaching visits and observation; and an end of programme workshop, written test and development seminar. Delegates are assessed throughout the programme and candidates who complete satisfactory portfolios and pass the in-programme assessments and written test will be certificated as Master Black Belts by Prof. Bendell, and be eligible to apply for certification under ISO18404:2015.

  • What's included?
    The meaning, use and benefits of Six Sigma; its relationship to other Quality initiatives; organisational self-assessment; alternative approaches to Six Sigma; implementation issues; likely barriers; action planning; variation reduction approaches; the statistical toolkit and software; organisational checklist and evaluation.
  • Course Fees
    One delegate: £245 + VAT Two delegates on same courses: £215 + VAT per delegate Three delegates on same course: £200 +VAT per delegate
  • Venue Details
    Public courses are held at Sherwood House, Southwell, Nottinghamshire, NG25 0JH All courses are available in-house by arrangement

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