Our course has been purpose built to enable delegates to build the competency requirements for certification as Six Sigma Black Belts under ISO18404. This 10-day course can either be taken together following our 10-day Green Belt programme, to enable delegates to be directly prepared for Black Belt status under ISO18404, or can be taken as a top up course to enable those currently qualified to Green Belt standard to progress to Black Belt under ISO18404.


Course Fees

The normal cost for this course is £2,600 plus VAT

Why you should want to be certified as a black belt under ISO18404

All of Services Limited’s Six Sigma & Lean programmes have been developed to be compatible with the requirements for certification of Green Belts, Black Belts and Master Black Belts in the new auditable Six Sigma and Lean international standard ISO18404:2015. This is the first truly international recognition standard for Six Sigma and Lean personnel & organisations. The International Organisation for Standardisation, ISO, based in Geneva is the best known of all standards bodies, due to the widespread use of its standards such as ISO9001 and ISO14001. Now this level of international recognition is available to you also, as a ISO18404 Certified Six Sigma Black Belt. The new ISO standard presents the opportunity for internationally recognised certification of both organisations and individuals as competent practitioners of both Six Sigma and/or Lean. Accredited certification will cover all types of organisations and departments; and certification will also be available for Six Sigma Green, Black and Master Black Belts; as well as equivalent levels of Lean practitioners.

What will I learn?

The course focuses on the additional requirements for Black Belts compared to Green Belts within ISO18404:2015. These are primarily of two types. The first main type of additional requirements is the additional management of improvement competences that Black Belts need to have over and above those of Green Belts, for whom the emphasis is mainly on personal application. Secondly, since Black Belts are required to organize multi-disciplinary teams,
train, coach and mentor Green Belts on DMAIC methodology and associated process improvement techniques, and participate in all ‘gate’ reviews, their depth of understanding of the statistical and other improvement approaches needs enhancement.

Course Details

Since this Black Belt Development Programme has been designed to enable delegates to meet the certification requirements as Black Belts under ISO18404, it consists of an initial workshop and assessment centre; candidate’s application, skill and portfolio development within their own organisation; tutor assessment and coaching visits and observation; and an end of programme workshop, assessment and development seminar. Delegates are assessed throughout the programme and candidates who complete satisfactory portfolios and pass the in-programme assessments will be certificated as Black Belts by Professor Bendell and be prepared for independent assessment by the Royal Statistical Society, and if successful certification, as Black Belts under ISO18404:2015.

Venue Details

Public courses are held at Sherwood House, Southwell, Nottinghamshire, NG25 0JH All courses are available in-house by arrangement

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