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Helping Our Cities to Become More Anti-Fragile in the New Normal

APAC’s leading micromobility company ‘BEAM’ interview Professor Tony Bendell on how micromobility can help cities become more antifragile

Professor Tony Bendell is a leading figure in the emerging field of Anti-Fragility. He is Chairman of the Anti-Fragility Academy (, established to develop & teach a new approach to Management, that takes full account of the needs for survival in our turbulent times. His most recent book, 'Building Anti-Fragile Organisations: Risk, Opportunity and Governance in a Turbulent World' was published in 2014. He is currently working on a new book 'Time to Rethink Risk Management: Managing Through a Global Crisis'.

Tony is also an international expert speaker, consultant, and trainer with extensive experience in the fields of Anti-Fragility, Quality Management, Organizational Excellence, Lean Operations and Six Sigma, and a well-known invited keynote speaker at conferences and events worldwide. He has experience advising and mentoring senior managers and board members, to the highest level.

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