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How YOU or YOUR ORGANISATION can get certified under ISO18404:2015

In the last blog, we explained the top 5 reasons why you and your organisation should consider getting certified under the new International Standard for Lean and Six Sigma, this was also released as a blog and has been well received.

Because of this, we will now explain how you and your organisation can get certified under ISO18404:2015. Please note that these are the very basic steps you will need to take in order to eventually achieve your certification.

Don’t get left behind, start your journey!

1. Book your free 20-minute no-obligation telephone conversation with the Prof

At Services Limited, we are committed to spreading the word of ISO18404:2015 to as many people as we can. Because of this, we are offering a free, 20-minute, no-obligation telephone consultation with the Prof, to discuss ISO18404:2015. This step could be skipped, although not recommended.

2. Purchase the International Standard and undergo a stocktake

It’s time to make a start. Now that you have confirmed your interest in ISO18404:2015, you will need to purchase the International Standard and undergo a stocktake. This is a method that will help you identify the competencies you can currently prove, against what is required in ISO18404:2015. This is something Professor Tony could help with, if required.

3. Attain the required talent (If you’re an organisation)

As the new International Standard was written for the use with the Lean and/or Six Sigma methodologies, it’s a requirement to have that talent on board. This could be achieved by either training your current staff or hiring new staff. The standard does also allow for you to use external resources where necessary.

This International Standard is the first of its kind, the qualified practitioners who are working with this will also have the chance to attain certification; therefore, it’s important they document their projects too!

To comply with the standard, your practitioners should be appropriately qualified as Six Sigma Green, Black or Master Black Belts and/or Lean Practitioners, Leaders, and Experts.

4. Continue working

Now that you have completed the previous steps, it’s now time to continue working towards certification. As ISO18404:2015 is considered to be a pro-active International Standard, so it’s important to keep up this level of work.

5. Attend a Royal Statistical Society Assessment Centre

Once you feel you are ready to achieve Internationally-Recognised certification under ISO18404:2015 you should now attend a Royal Statistical Society Assessment Centre. Please visit the Royal Statistical Society website or contact the Services Limited team to find out when the next assessment centre is.

Once you have successfully achieved certification, you will be required to adhere to regular checks by external certification bodies in order to maintain your certification. So, make sure you keep you the required level of work!

Talk to us

If you're interested in implementing ISO18404:2015 in your organisation or are preparing for organisational or individual assessment and certification, please do get in touch with the Services Limited team.

Telephone: 0115 966 9460


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