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5 reasons YOU and YOUR ORGANISATION should get certified under ISO18404:2015

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Both Lean and Six Sigma have been at the forefront of management tools for organisations of all sizes for well over 20 years. In that time, both methodologies have significantly developed. As such, so has the interest from both professionals and organisations.

Because of these developments and the resulting growth of interest, bad practise began to creep into the market. False certifications and very cheap courses lead to interested professionals being ‘trained’ to a very poor standard.

With best practise in the sights, the new International Standard for Lean and Six Sigma, ISO18404:2015 has taken aim at this trend in the market. You will now be able to attain actual certification where you will be accountable for your work.

Below are 5 reasons both you and your organisation should consider getting certified under ISO18404:

1. Truly Internationally Recognised

In the past, many courses and certification(s) have claimed to be internationally recognised but had no real ground to claim this. In contrast, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has members from 163 countries, and its standards such as ISO9001 are known to almost everyone, this is true international recognition.

2. ISO18404:2015 delivers immediate results

When receiving training against the new International Standard, ISO18404, at Services Limited, the delegate will be required to immediately begin showing their competencies with a project within their own organisation.

3. Certification is competency based

In a cut against the current grain, certification against ISO18404:2015 will certify competencies instead of knowledge. This way, we are able to certify what a candidate can do, instead of what they might be able to do.

4. Both Organisations and Key Personnel can be certified

ISO18404:2015 is one of a kind, whereby it allows for Internationally Recognised certification for both organisations and their key personnel.

5. Regular checks on standard defined competencies

Even where the key personnel or the organisation, or both, have achieved their certification, that isn’t the end of the story. You will still be required to keep a comprehensive evidence portfolio of improvement activities to retain certification.

Talk to us

If you're interested in implementing ISO18404:2015 in your organisation or are preparing for organisational or individual assessment and certification, please do get in touch with the Services Limited team to book your free 20-minute no-obligation telephone conversation with the Professor.

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