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ISO18404: Benefits of Six Sigma Black Belt Certification


Welcome back to the official Services Limited ISO18404:2015 blog, a fountain of Lean/Six Sigma knowledge where and when you need it! Feel free to browse through past blogs and if there’s something you want to know, please ask us!

In this week’s blog, we’ll be discussing the benefits behind a company having or acquiring a Six Sigma Black Belt under the new International Standard ISO18404.

Before we dig any deeper, we must first understand what is required of a Six Sigma Black Belt in the new International Standard.

A Six Sigma Black Belt according to the new International Standard has the role of working with others to identify and quantify opportunities for improvement, they should organise multi-disciplinary teams (process organisation) where necessary, and manage improvement projects.

Alongside the above, a Black Belt should lead improvement projects and facilitate a Green Belt’s project using the DMAIC methodology. They should train, coach and mentor a Green Belt on the DMAIC methodology and associated process improvement techniques.

Black Belts should participate in ‘gate’ reviews directly, through prepared presentations of the work accomplished to-date, with an emphasis on the accomplishments in the phase being reviewed.

The benefits of a Black Belt qualified under ISO18404

Six Sigma Black Belts play a very important role within an organisation and are usually the highest level of Six Sigma knowledge, this is because there are usually very few Master Black Belts under the same roof.

Due to their important role in the implementation of Six Sigma within an organisation, it’s equally important to recruit the correct professional. ISO18404 will help with that.

As ISO18404 will look to certify what the Six Sigma Black Belt can do, instead of the potential knowledge he or she possesses, you can be sure you’re hiring just the professional you need.

Alongside the above, under the new International Standard, ISO18404, your Six Sigma Black Belt will be able to not only provide training to Green Belts but will also be able to keep up with their ongoing certification requirements.

Are you currently a Six Sigma Green Belt but would like to become a Black Belt? You should consider our unique upgrade course.

During which, you’ll be given the opportunity to develop your competencies and knowledge in line with what’s expected from a Black Belt in ISO18404. If you’re interested, you should contact the Services Limited office on +44 (0)115 9669460 or email

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