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ISO18404: Pilot Sector Scheme and Interest

Hello and welcome back to the official Services Limited ISO18404:2015 blog. Now that the Services Limited team are rested, after our Easter break, allow us to bring you the latest update with regards to the new International Standard.

In recent blogs, we have hinted towards the announcement of the ISO18404 pilot sector scheme. As a result of some big certification bodies, who shall remain nameless, coming forward and participating in this initiative, we’re now happy to say this seems all set to go ahead.

As a result of the above, a number of global and UK based companies have already begun taking stock for the new International Standard and are undergoing gap analyses to assess their needs ahead of potential certification.

This is a very big step for ISO18404, the next few months are likely to be very valuable, so it’s worth while keeping tabs on developments. You’ll be able to follow these on our blog or via our social media platforms, LinkedIn and Twitter.

ISO18404 Diverse interest

We’ve seen first-hand how diverse the interest is for ISO18404. During our free briefing events, which we’ve been holding on a monthly basis, we have seen individuals from an array of different industries. These include but are not limited to, Manufacturing, Utilities, Services, Construction, Education, Transport, and Government.

Are you or your organisation interested in ISO18404?

Professor Tony will be happy to answer any questions regarding ISO18404 during the event, alternatively you could email the Services Limited office and we will get them answered.

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