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Our physical face to face training services have been suspended due to the Coronavirus epidemic. We are currently offering online courses in Lean & Six Sigma and LIVE Online Training here.

We think holistically and work on the details.

Improving the process, developing the people

and building the systems. 


Run by Prof. Tony Bendell, a leading expert with in depth knowledge and years of experience.

Services Ltd is a consultancy unlike any other.


Covering a wide range of topics and programs our training is performed to the highest and most recent standards, to ensure quality training of all our clients whether they may are small or large in stature. 


We form a formidable team. We ensure that we are always contactable and flexible for clients and offer up-to-date skills and experience, but most of all we are nice people to work with!  


We are globally recognised for excellence and strive to improve even more. Our services are applicable for organisations of all sizes and all types, with the ability to create custom solutions that fit your needs more effectively.

Our roots are in the excellence movement, from which we have developed into an organisational expert and offer a range of consultancy, training and organisational development services to a range of companies and organisations ranging from large to small.


A selection of educational and informative videos.

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