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Why You Should Want to Be Certified as a Green Belt under ISO18404

All of Services Limited’s Six Sigma & Lean programmes have been developed to be compatible with the requirements for certification of Green Belts, Black Belts and Master Black Belts in the new auditable Six Sigma and Lean international standard ISO18404:2015.

The standard was created on an international basis to stamp out bad practices and misuse of the approaches.

It has been agreed with the participating UKAS accredited certification bodies that individuals applying for certification under the ISO18404 standard as Six Sigma Green, Black or Master Black Belts - or the Lean equivalents - will be assessed by the Royal Statistical Society (RSS).

Our physical face to face training services have been suspended due to the Coronavirus epidemic. We are currently offering online courses in Lean & Six Sigma and LIVE Online Training here.

RSS will run Assessment Centres and will ask the applicant to also provide documentary evidence that they meet the required competencies.

The documentary requirements will not just be to provide copies of certificates, but may involve submission of a portfolio of evidence, project accounts etc, as well as attendance at the assessment centre with interviews and tests.

Assessment Centre’s are now running on a regular basis.

This Programme has been designed to prepare you for certification as one of the first qualified Black Belts to be certified under ISO18404.

Course Content

Our course has been purpose built to enable delegates to build the competency requirements for certification as Six Sigma Green Belts under ISO18404. This 10-day advanced Green Belt programme can be taken by those upgrading to Green Belts or by current Green Belts looking to become certified under ISO18404:2015.

This advanced course is made up of two modules.


The first is what we call the foundation module, which is the introduction to Six Sigma as a Green Belt, the objective of this module is to have a sound understanding of Six Sigma application, tools and techniques.

For delegates involved in or about to start their own projects, the course covers the structure of Six Sigma projects using the DMAICT approach (Design, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control, Transfer)


During this phase of the course, your training will be applied through a mini project, suitable to your background, enabling you to walk through the project process. Delegates wishing to apply this training to their own projects are encouraged to do so. You will have the full support from our trainers during the course and until project completion. This section of the course is assessed either by incorporating a delegate project or by completed a short test on the last day of training.

Between modules, you will be tasked with a project relevant to your work place which will reinforce what you have learned during your first week with our trainers at Services Limited. You will be asked to share the outcomes of your project with the trainers upon your return.


When you return for your second module, you will cover some of the more advanced sections of your training, these include but are not limited to an Application Exercise, SPC and Process Improvement Charting, Root Cause Analysis, Benchmarking, Analytical Synthetic and Creative Thinking, Design of Experiments (DOE). On the final day of your second module, you will have support from our trainers on your project, before revealing the outcomes of said project in the form of presentation. Once this is complete, you will undergo an evidence review to determine your suitability for ISO18404:2015 certification.

If you are deemed suitable, you will receive a certificate of completion signed by Professor Tony Bendell and his trainer. Professor Bendell will then inform you of upcoming ISO18404:2015 assessment centre’s; it is your choice whether you wish to continue to this level of certification, however we strongly advise that you do. This assessment centre, hosted by the Royal Statistical Society in London, is an additional cost to be met by the candidate.

Cost & Location of Training

For this Advanced Six Sigma Green Belt course, you will be able to join this course for £2,600 + VAT. However, if you have two or more delegates, this will cost just £2,350 + VAT each, or if you have three or more delegates, this will cost just £2,100 + VAT each.

If you wish to negotiate for more delegates, please do contact us directly.

All our programmes are available in-house by arrangement

Our public courses are normally run at Charnwood House, our country-house location near Nottingham.

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