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Across the private and public sectors, organisations are trying to make efficiency savings whilst improving services and products for customers. ‘Lean’ is one of the most popular approaches, but organisations are struggling to implement the approach effectively. To help overcome this difficult challenge Services Ltd, the specialist public and private sector Lean trainers and consultants, run the 8-day Master Lean Belt training programmes led by Prof. Tony Bendell.


At the end of the course, certified delegates will have the knowledge, experience, tools and techniques to not only champion Lean implementation, act as an agent of change and plan and deploy Lean Transformation Strategy within the organisation, but also to run successful waste reduction projects themselves.

Lean Practitioner 8-Day

£1,850.00 Regular Price
£800.00Sale Price
  • Day 1


    - Introduction to the Course

    - Process & stakeholder management

    - Lean principles & implementation

    - ISO18404 and individual and organisational certification

    - 5 Lean Principles, the 7 Wastes and Value Stream Mapping

    - Workplace organisation, optimisation & ‘5S’

    - Process Flow & Process risk


    Day 2


    - Claims authorisation process exercise

    - Analysis of data

    - Managing the Lean Change Process

    - Performance measurement & management

    - Lean Project Planning & Management

    - Delegate Project Outlines, Reviews, Risks & Preparation for Module 2


    Day 3


    - Process Simulation Exercise


    Day 4


    - Customer Requirements

    - Identification of Bottle Necks and Prohibitors to Process Flow

    - Bottleneck management

    - Creativity techniques

    - Delegate Project Outlines, Reviews & Preparation for Module 2

  • Day 1


    - Project reviews

    - Visual management

    - Poka Yoke

    - Understanding & dealing with resistance to Lean transformation

    - Motivation for Lean change

    - Introduction to Theory of Constraints


    Day 2


    - Burning in the Gains

    - Tools and Techniques to sustain the improvements

    - Learning & change

    - Managing Lean projects & teams

    - Leadership and Role Model Behaviours for Master Lean Belts


    Day 3


    - Relationships to Six Sigma & Quality Management Systems Models

    - Root cause analysis

    - Maintaining ongoing process integrity

    - Project Review


    Day 4


    - The Process Design/Specification Process

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