Services Ltd. have considerable experience of working with senior management to design, develop and implement successful Process Improvement programmes. A key aspect here is the need to customise such introduction to meet the specific organisational and site history and culture as well as the nature of the Process Improvement programme being introduced. 

The programme

Great reviews have been received about this new programme that focuses on the need to improve Business Processes, the specification of requirements for systems solution, the reduction of mistakes and waste and the protection against variation in demand and performance. The programme includes system capture and specification methods, principles and practises of the Lean Organisation, Poka Yoke and Six Sigma and the Planning of Process Development and Improvement.

What does the Workshop Content include?

Reflective Learning Techniques: 1 day - Personal Objectives - Changing Behaviour - Change Process - Proshaka

Course Fees

Impoving Your Business Processes Programme (10 days): £1,950 + VAT Individual Modules (2-days): £650 + VAT

Venue Details

Public courses are held at Sherwood House, Southwell, Nottinghamshire, NG25 0JH All courses are available in-house by arrangement

Module 1

Specifying Your Processes: 2 days - Why and How - Convincing Others· Definition and Preparation - Documentation Requirements - Team Roles and Consultation - Process Capture - Use of Tools and Templates - Process Training

Module 2

“LEANing” Your Processes: 2 days - Theory of the Lean Organisation - Types of Waste· Process Walks and The Identification of Waste - Potential Saving Opportunities

Module 3

Controlling Variation in Your Process Performance: 2 days - The Six Sigma Philosophy - The DMAIC Project Management Process (Define; Measure; Analyse; Improvement; Control) - Project Applications and Case Studies

Module 4

Planning Process Development and Improvement: 2 days - Where to Start and What to Do - Where are you now and Where do you want to be? - How to Get There· Policy and Strategy Issues - The Impact of e-Requirements and Technology - Training and Support Requirements

Review Day

Learning Review: 1 day - Programme Summary - Continuous Personal Development - Review Personal Objectives