Basic Assessor Training Is designed to give people who have very little knowledge of the EFQM Excellence Model a basic understanding of the structure and the 3 key elements:

- The Fundamental Concepts of Excellence

- The EFQM Excellence Model

- The RADAR Logic

Within the EFQM Training Portfolio, this will be the "first step" on the excellence pathway for potential EFQM Assessors and line managers.

Is It Right For Me?

This course is addressed to individuals who want to understand the basics of the EFQM Model and its three constituents. This course can be taken as a preparation for any EFQM training but is particularly useful prior to the EFQM Assessor Training and the Internal Assessor Training.

What Will I Learn?

- Introduction to EFQM and the need for a Model - What is Excellence - the definition of Excellence and techniques of stakeholder analysis - The Fundamental Concepts of Excellence - The Criteria - The RADAR assessment framework - Basics of Assessment

Venue Details

Public courses are held at Sherwood House, Southwell, Nottinghamshire, NG25 0JH All courses are available in-house by arrangement